SIB or Seat-in-Bus (Also known as SIC Seat-in-Coach, Group Tour or Servicio Regular)
When purchasing a seat in a bus tour. You will join a different party for every service. One day your tour group may have fifteen persons; next day your tour group may have four persons or even just the two of you. But always with the services of a local host, you will never be on your own during the operation of a transfer or a tour. Most SIB tours in Latin America will have six to twenty five persons. Except in Rio or Buenos Aires, you will not have a 40-passenger bus like in Europe, unless you are part of a large group traveling together. The disadvantage of a SIB tour is that buses pick up from several hotels and the guides give the tour in several languages. The advantage is the price. The hotel pick-up time may take up to 90 minutes. This type of tour is not recommended for VIP or impatient travelers; they get annoyed by the time wasted stopping at several hotels and by the multi language tour guide. Fiesta Tours Int'l has created a new category of Seat-in-Bus tour, we call it Seat-in-Bus Premium (semi-private); tours are guided only in one language, vans pick-up travelers from no more than three hotels and most of the times the groups are eight people or less, we use deluxe vans in Lima and in Cuzco, and best available vehicle in the rest of the country. The average extra cost per person is $20 for a half day tour, and $30 for a full day tour.
Private Tour
It is based on private transportation and private services of a bilingual tour guide. The tour guide will guide only in one language. Each transfer or tour you receive will be in a similar basis. The private transportation cannot apply if you have to take the train from Cuzco to Machu Picchu or the boat for the Titikaka Lake Crossing or several other transportation options where you will need to charter a train or a boat to provide 100% private services. But the transfers to and from train stations and transfers to and from piers or bus stations will be provided on a private basis. The main advantage of a private tour is that you utilize your vacation time more efficient, you learn more about the country and you have the undivided attention of your tour guide, definitely a "must" for the demanding client. The average price of a private tour is double the price of a SIB tour, $70 for a half-day private tour and $130 for a full day private tour including lunch.
FIT or Foreign Independent Traveler
For travelers who do not want to be part of a group, but they want to travel in an organized tour. This is the most popular way to travel to Latin America. A tour for FIT's can be operated as a Seat-in-Bus tour (SIB) or as a Private Tour. Foreign Independent Traveler "does not mean" you will be on your own; you will always have a local host for every service you have arranged.
Group Tour
When the same group follows the same itinerary from beginning to end. Variations or modifications of the itinerary are impossible. Optional Pre and Post Tours are very popular for group tours. A group tour can be locally hosted or fully escorted.
Locally Hosted
Every service you receive will be hosted by a local representative or by a bilingual tour guide.
Fully Escorted
In addition to your local tour guide, a tour manager travels with you throughout the complete itinerary, and he is available 24-hours a day. The Tour Manager main responsibilities are to oversee the complete operation of the itinerary, organize dinning outing and activities during the free time in the itinerary. Sort of hold your hand during the whole trip. Fully Escorted Group Departures were very popular several years ago when Latin America was less popular than it is today. The price of a fully escorted tour is higher because all the participants must share the cost of the airline ticket, meals, hotels and remuneration of the tour manager. Airlines usually provide one free ticket for groups larger than 25 persons and hotels will grant one complimentary room for groups using 15 or more rooms.
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