Huaraz Tour Description



City Tour (HRZ H100)
Visit to the Regional Museum, Temple of Lord of Lonelyness, Jose Olaya typical street, trout hatches and Monterrey Thermo Medicinal baths. (2 1/2 h)

Chavin de Huantar (HRZ F100)
Explore the wonders of Chavin, a great religious center built more than 3000 years ago and one of the greatest examples of architectural ingenuity in the world. The advanced Chavin architecture with its impressive homogeneity, technical development, functional value and equilibrium of shapes, mathematical complexities, astronomical and geometric principles and the remarkable magnitude of construction still mystifies and captivates architects, archaeologists, and visitors alike. (L) (10h)

Llanganuco Lake (HRZ F101)
This tour takes us through a marvelous winding road through dense eucalyptus forests and breath-taking visits. When we finally arrive at our destination, the views of the Chinancocho and Orconcocha Lakes with their intense green and sky-blue colors will provide a mental picture and inner peace that will not be easily forgotten. (L) (8h)

Nevado Pastoruri (HRZ F102)
This tour takes us through lush green valleys to the highest tropical mountain range in the world. There we will be amazed with the striking magnitude and presence that the Nevado Pastoruri glacier creates as it towers among its neighboring giants. We will spend the day exploring the various paths along the glacier before our return to Huaraz. (L) (8h)

Huascaran National Park (HRZ P100)
A five-day hiking expedition will provide an unforgettable experience of the spectacular and contrasting vistas of Huascaran. Along the way you will see beautiful views of the Cordillera Blanca, with its impressive snowcapped peaks. You will pass by ancient ruins and local communities, and see the famous Puya Raymondi, the world largest flowering cactus. Each day will be filled with unparalleled views of the sister mountain ranges, diverse countryside, and spectacular panoramic lake vistas as you hike through mountain passes and valleys.