Lord of Sipan and Chan Chan
3 Days / 2 Nights






Day 1 : Arrival in Chiclayo
Upon arrival in Chiclayo a host will meet and assist you in transferring to the hotel and help you in registering. Start your morning with a visit to the archaeological complex of "The Lord of Sipan" located in the site called Huaca Rajada. The importance of this archaeological discovery was compared to the discoveries of the tomb of Tutankhamen and Machu Picchu. There are two huge adobe mud pyramids in front of which there is a platform, dating back a thousand years before the Incas. Recently two of the most famous pre-Columbian tombs were found here undisturbed: the tombs of the Lord of Sipan and his ancestor, the Old Lord. The significance of these tombs is highlighted by the fact that the Lord of Sipan was buried in a wooden coffin with bronze clasps. Skeletons of those sacrificed during the funeral rites were found outside the sarcophagus; two young women at the head and feet of the lord, two men at either side of the body, and the skeleton of a dog. Continue your exploration to the Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum which was inspired by the Mochica pyramids. This new museum was inaugurated in November 2002 and is rated one of the most outstanding archaeological museums in South America. Here you can find a reconstruction of the tomb of Sipan, dubbed the "Tutankhamen of the Americas" because of the golden splendor of his tomb.
Then take off with an afternoon excursion to Batan Grande, famous for the discovery of a large golden "tumi", or sacrificial knife, belonging to the Sican culture. Continue to the new Sican Museum which opened on November 2001. This museum exhibits the treasure of pure gold artifacts discovered in the tombs. These pieces reveal their culture's surprising command of metallurgy and its exquisite artistry in gold and silver, in addition to its known excellence in ceramics. Enjoy your stay overnight in Chiclayo.


Day 2 : Chiclayo / Trujillo
Breakfast at your hotel. Transfer to the bus station to take a bus to the City of Trujillo, located 209 kilometers south of Chiclayo. Upon arrival a host will meet and assist you in transferring to the hotel and help you in registering. The excitement starts with a morning departure for a guided Tour of Trujillo, known as "the City of the Eternal Spring". During the tour you will visit the Main Square, the Cathedral and the Casinelli Museum. You will also visit the beautiful residential areas which contain colonial houses and well preserved porches, balconies and churches such as the Colonial Mansions of "Casa Iturregui" and "Casa Bracamonte".
Enjoy your stay overnight in Trujillo. (B)
Optional: Private transfer Chiclayo-Trujillo.


Day 3 : Trujillo / Lima
Breakfast at your hotel. Visit one of the most important centers of the ancient Moche. This pre-Inca civilization, a warrior culture, once dominated the valleys of the northern coast of Peru. Experience the amazing adobe engineering of the Temple of the Sun (sol), the tallest pyramid in the Americas at a height of 48 meters, which is estimated to have involved over 200,000 workers in its construction and over 140 million adobe bricks. Steps away is the Temple of the Moon (Luna), the Moche political center where recently uncovered friezes of mystical images are believed to belong to a divinity of sacrifices.
Continue on your journey to Chan Chan, the former capital of the Chimu culture. It is the largest pre-Columbian city in America, and it housed an estimated 50,000 people. The huge capital contained buildings decorated with friezes which were done by molding the design into the mud walls and the more important areas were layered with precious metals. The planning of this huge city reflects a strict political and social strategy, marked by the city's division into nine 'citadels' or 'palaces' forming autonomous units. The Chimu were conquered by the Incas in 1460, but the city was not looted until the arrival of the Spanish. This pre-Columbian adobe city is famous for its archaeological site in South America! From Chan Chan you will visit the seashore village of Huanchaco, known for its totora seahorses - a typical small reed boat used for fishing. Lunch in a local restaurant where you can enjoy a variety of seafood. Afternoon transfer to the airport for your flight to Lima. (B)

2011 Prices per person: $484 in double, $476 in triple, $591 in single, $742 in single alone.
Hotels to use: Libertador Trujillo, Gran Hotel Chiclayo
Includes: all transfers, all entrance fees and train tickets, daily breakfast, meals on tours as specified, hotel tax exemption, hotel service charge, bilingual transfer representative, bilingual licensed tour guide, passenger welcome kit with map, suggested restaurants, gift and pick-up time for every service in Peru
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