Posada Amazonas and Tambopata Research Center: What is included and what to bring
Posada Amazonas and Tambopata Research Center includes:
Accommodations at jungle odges
all scheduled land and river transportation
all transfers
all jungle excursions
and boat rides listed in the itinerary
all meals.
What to bring for Posada Amazonas and Tambopata Research Center:
We recommend that each visitor limit gear to good binoculars; camera gear; tight-weave, light weight, light colored, long cotton pants; long sleeved, tight-weave, light colored cotton shirts; undergarments; absorbent socks; ankle-high hiking boots; sneakers; a powerful flashlight with batteries; a small toilet kit; a water bottle; sunblock lotion; sunglasses; a secure, broad-brimmed hat; 100% waterproof, head-to-ankle rain suit; insect repellent; yellow fever inoculation certificate; small denomination bills and a small daypack.