5 Days / 4Nights

Visiting Choqekiraw as with many of the archeological-related trips in Peru, cannot be classified as just one type of activity: touristic, archeological, ecological or adventurous. They are all present in helping to create a total, unforgettable experience for its visitors.
A long and demanding walk of 17 kilometers is required to reach the archeological complex - suitable for people who are used to this type of hiking (the trek is classified as a grade 4 level of difficulty). The effort will be pleasantly rewarded by the beautiful sights and discovery of this magical sanctuary. Even though only 30% of the site has been revealed, it is open to tourism.






Day 1: Cusco / Saywite / Villa Los Loros
After picking up the passengers from their hotels, we leave Cusco at 6:30 a.m. in a private bus. We go by the road to Abancay, arriving at the Archeological Park of Saywite at approximately 9:30 a.m., where we will see the mysterious monolith and other nearby ruins. After having a snack, we return to the bus and continue the trip towards the little town of Huanipaca.
Passing through Huanipaca, we descend towards the canyon of the Apurimac River until we reach Tambobamba, where "Villa Los Loros" is located. After getting situated in our rooms, in the afternoon we serve lunch, and then have a briefing on the next day's trek. Finally, we serve dinner and head to bed early to get ready for the following day's activities.


Day 2: Tambobamba / Playa San Ignacio / Choqekiraw
We leave after breakfast, at 5:30 am, and walk around for two and a half hours. We go by the ex-estate San Ignacio until we reach the riverbank of the noisy river Apurimac (in the native language, Quechua, Apu Rimac means God that speaks). Later, we cross the hanging San Ignacio bridge and begin the ascent from the river (1,500 meters) until we reach the Choqekiraw campsite at 2,900 meters above sea level. Along the route you can soak in the beauty of the natural surroundings, especially the great variety of flora and fauna.
After enjoying an appetizing lunch, you will have the opportunity to visit the Cultivated Terraces of Phaqchayoq and the house of waterfalls. Finally, we return to the campsite where we have dinner and spend the night.


Day 3: Choqekiraw / All Day
After breakfast we have the entire day to visit the best sectors of the Archeological Park of Choqekiraw, such as the area of the Administrative Housing of Pikiwasi, the priests' housing, the ceremonial platform or Ushnu, the principal plaza or Huaqaypata, the deposits or Qolqas and the high collection or Hana, among others.
We will have lunch near the collection, as not to interrupt such a nice view, and with any luck we will be able to witness the flight of the majestic Andean Condor over the deep canyon of Apurimac. Finally, we will return to our campsite where dinner will be served and we will spend the night.


Day 4: Choqekiraw / Hacienda San Ignacio / Villa Los Loros
After enjoying breakfast, we will take some time to appreciate the beautiful pathways that surround our campsite. Then, we will begin the return to Tambobamba, descending the imposing canyon of the Apurimac River until we reach San Ignacio, from where we will continue on horses. Arriving at the San Ignacio housing, we will rest and have lunch, then continue on horse until we reach the Villa Los Loros lodge. There, we will enjoy a hot shower, a welcoming cocktail, dinner and a well-deserved rest.


Day 5: Villa Los Loros / Cusco
After a warm breakfast in our lodge, at 9 a.m. we will take the bus to return to Cusco. Along the way, lunch will be offered at a restaurant located near the town of Curahuasi (in center of the Apurimac valley), then we will continue the trip to Cusco. We will arrive at approximately 3 p.m., making the trip in an estimated five hours.

Tour Includes:
- Round-trip transfer from Cusco to Villa Los Loros to Cusco
- A multilingual guide (English/Spanish/French)
- Two nights lodging at "Villa Los Loros"
- Two nights camping in the Archeological Park of Choqekiraw
- High quality camping equipment (tents, sleeping bags, etc.)
- Radio communication throughout the trek
- First-aid kit
- All the meals and drinks that you choose from a menu
- Muleteers, mules or llamas to carry equipment and supplies, a camp chef, porters
- Entrance fees to the archeological sites of Saywite and Choqekiraw
- Optional horses for the return from San Ignacio to the lodge.
Our organization is in charge of carrying everything, so you will carry only what you want.
Not included: are such obvious extras as telephone expenses, tips and similar items.
Things that you should bring: Trekking shoes, T-shirts and long sleeve shirts, Short pants or sports wear , A cap for the sun and a hat for the cold , A sweater and a jacket, Repellent, Sun block, Personal care things.
2011 Rates per person: $1020 in double occupancy tents
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